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Lunga ma esaudiente

Dear Sir/Madam I’m currently out of office and I will have limited access to my e- mail. Please do not expect immediate answer. I’ll be back in the office on [date]. In case your mail needs immediate attention, please resend it to [email] to the attention of [substitute].

Thanks for your understanding best regards

Dear correspondent

Dear correspondent, Thank you for your message. I am out of the office and will have no access to my mails. I will be back on [date]. My mails will be handled by my colleagues during my absence. For RMA request please use

Best regards, [name]

Pls resend your message

Im out of the office until next [date], pls resend your message to my collegues due this message is not forwarded: [email] [email] [email]

Best regards

Business purposes

Dear Sir / Madam Thank you for your e-mail. I am actually out of the office for business purposes and I have limited access to my e-mails. In the event that your message needs immediate attention, please be so kind to resend it to [email] to the kind attention of [substitute name] for technical issues, or [substitute name] for administrative issues. I will be back in the office on [date]. Thank you.

the email is unattended

Dear sender the email is unattended and messages will not be read. For matters concerning [INFORMATIONS] please contact mobile nbr. [TELEPHONE NUMBER]

Thank you