Mese: Giugno 2010

I will not be able to check the emails frequently



thank you for your email. I am currently out of office until [date], and I will not be able to check the emails frequently. If the email is urgent, please contact [substitute email 1] in case of operational inquiries or [substitute email 2] for support related assistance.

Best regards
[name and surname]

Risoluzione Ticket / Ticket Resolved


Gentile Cliente,
la sua richiesta d’intervento e’ stata portata a termine.
Per ulteriori informazioni a riguardo, risponda a questa mail.

Cordiali Saluti,

Dear Customer,
according to our records, your request has been resolved.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.

Best regards,

[name and surname] is out of the office.

out of office

I will be out of the office starting [date] and will not return until [date].

For urgent response kindly address your messages to [substitute name] on Email [substitute email] as I will have limited or no access to my email.


Variante sulla nota di riservatezza (2 lingue)


Nota di riservatezza: il presente messaggio, corredato dei relativi allegati, contiene informazioni da considerarsi strettamente riservate ed è destinato esclusivamente al destinatario sopra indicato, il quale è l’unico autorizzato ad usarlo, copiarlo e, sotto la propria responsabilità, diffonderlo. Chiunque ricevesse questo messaggio per errore o comunque lo leggesse senza esserne legittimato è avvertito che trattenerlo, copiarlo, divulgarlo, distribuirlo a persone diverse dal destinatario è severamente proibito ed è pregato di rinviarlo immediatamente al mittente distruggendo l’originale. Grazie.

Confidentiality notice: this message, together with its annexes, contains information to be deemed strictly confidential and is destined only to the addressee(s)identified above who may only use, copy and forward it under his/her responsibility. If you have received this message by mistake or read it without entitlement, please be aware that that keeping, copying, disseminating or distributing this e-mail is strictly forbidden and you are required to send it back to the original sender and to destroy the original e-mail. Thank you.

I will reply you your e-mails upon my return

out of office

I am currently out of the office returning on [date].
If you need assistance, please contact:
[substitute name1] at [telephone number1] or via e-mail [substitute email1]
[substitute name2] at [telephone number2] or via e-mail [substitute email2]
Otherwise, I will reply you your e-mails upon my return
[Name and surname]