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Estarei ausente do escritório até ao próximo dia [date], pelo que algum assunto de carácter urgênte, poderam faze-lo para o [telephone number], ou por e-mail, [email1] ou [email2].

I’ll be out of the office until [date], any important matter you may call to [telephone number], or by e-mail to [email1] or [email2].

Out of office for a business trip


I’m currently out of the Office on a Business trip with limited access to my emails, will be back on [date]. Should you need to contact me urgently please call me on my mobile

Phone phone phone

Thank you for your e-mail. I’m on leave and back in the office [date]. Therefore plase accept a delay in answering. In urgent cases you can call me on my mobile [mobile number] and leave a message. Please contact in technical matters the Technical Service Team.

Phone1: [Telephone number]

Phone2: [Telephone number]

PhoneN: [Telephone number]

Thank you !
Best regards
[name and surname]

DE/UK Automatische Antwort/Auto Reply

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich bin bis [date] nicht im Büro zu erreichen. Meine E-Mails werden in dieser Zeit nicht gelesen. In dringenden Fällen wenden Sie sich bitte an [substitute name], erreichbar unter Telefonnummer [phone number] oder E-Mail: [substitute email].
Vielen Dank!

Dear sir or madam,
I am out of the office until [date] with no access to my emails. Should you need an immediate assistance, please contact my colleague [substitute name] by phone [phone number] or email [substitute email].

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards

I will respond to your message when I am back.

I will respond to your message when I am back.
For urgent Email, please send it to: [email] or phone to : [telephone number]