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Coming back

out of office


Thank you for your message but please note that I will be out of the office attending [], coming back on [date].
Please for [kind] matters please contact [substitute email].
[name and surname]

Sono fuori ufficio

out of office

sono fuori ufficio.

Risponderò alla sua email appena mi sarà possibile,
per urgenze può chiamarmi al [telephone number]

Le ricordo che il nostro Servizio Grandi Clienti è a sua completa disposizione al numero verde [telephone number] per:


[name and surname]

OOO Generico UK

out of office

Dear All,
This is an automatic message, please do not answer this e-mail;
We will reply on 07 work days to your e-mail account.
We thank you for your contact and remain at your disposal for any further information.

What I’m doing

out of office

Dear Partners,
I will be out of the office on business from [date] until [date].

I’m doing…

I will have minimum access to email and voice mail during this time.
Please contact [substitute name] at [substitute telephone] or email: [substitute email].
I thank you for your support.
Warmest Regards,
[name and surname]

I am in a meeting out of the office

out of office

I am in a meeting out of the office, I will be back during the afternoon of next [date].
Your message will not be forwarded.
For urgents matters pls contact with my colleague [substitute name] (direct-phone: [substitute telephone], e-mail: [substitute email]) or [substitute name] (direct-phone: [substitute telephone], e-mail: [substitute email]).

[name and surname]